Web Designers Calendar 2008
Want to keep organized?
Looking for inspiration as a web designer?
Interested in developments and trends in web design?
Eager to read interviews with some of the world’s leading web designers?
The Web Designer’s Calendar is your answer to all of the above: an inspirational and informative resource as well as a useful organizing tool especially created for web designers, packed with a total of 25 expert interviews and articles covering numerous aspects of web design!
Web Designers Calendar 2008Web Designers Calendar 2008
Even though – or should we say because? – 21st-century design has become a mostly digital affair, many designers have retained a passion for paper; they appreciate the fact that printed media can be touched, felt, and flipped through. This gives us reason to hope that you will enjoy carrying this calendar around with you, appreciating not only its visual, but haptic presence as well.
Web Designers Calendar 2008Web Designers Calendar 2008
In 2008, the Web Designer‘s Calendar – for the third time since the project was started in 2005 – would again like to guide you through the year, inspire you, provide you with insights from renowned authors and interview partners, serve you as a notebook, and – last not least – give you the opportunity to organize yourself. 25 articles and interviews deliver plenty of suggestions on how to deal with ideas, tools, and clients – stimulating your imagination and creativity as well as assisting you in the evaluation of new technologies, new forms of communication, altered user expectations and user experiences. The calendar is lavishly illustrated with artwork contributed by our authors and interview partners as well as screenshots of some of the most distinguished web sites currently around.
Web Designers Calendar 2008Web Designers Calendar 2008
The Web Designer’s Calendar is a bilingual product, providing all content in both English and German language.
Web Designers Calendar 2008

Product Details

editor: Thomas Filip
authors: Frank Feldmann, Thomas Filip
publishing house: NBVD Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design

180 pages, 148×190mm, 4/4-colored, wire-o-binding
text: bilingual English/German
ISBN-10: 3-939028-09-6
ISBN-13: 978-3-939028-09-3